To My Dear Friends at Austin Boxer Rescue,

Hey everyone! It’s Zelda! Just wanted to touch base with everyone there. Has it already been 8 months since I was rescued? Time flies when you’re having fun! My mom and dad and little sisters contemplated giving me a different name, but nothing stuck. Easier for me!

I’m having a blast in my forever home. We have a couch in the living room that is so comfy. My favorite spot is to lay down on top of the back cushion and gaze out into the back yard to keep an eye on everything back there. My family has an acre of land that I just love running and playing in. They even have a pool! They won’t let me go in it though, but they squirt me with these things that spray streams of water and I can’t get enough of it! The neighbor behind us has a bunch of land with cows and horses that come right up to the fence. The cows are very skittish when I run up to them, but the horses actually run up and down the back fence with me sometimes!

For about the first 2 days, I was a little unsure of my new big brother, Tango. He didn’t know he was in the presence of a queen, but he figured it out pretty quickly and I love him so much. Unfortunately, Tango passed away unexpectedly two nights ago. My whole family, including grandpa, grandma, and my aunt and uncle all came by to tell Tango goodbye when they heard the news. I’ve been so confused this weekend. Tango was an amazing big brother to me and I’ll never forget him.

Here are a few pictures. Sorry it’s taken me this long to check in. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking care of me so well until my family found me!!! Everyone at ABR will ALWAYS be near and dear to my heart!