It is with the saddest of hearts that we wanted to let you know that ABR Laser peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

He was our chief, who accepted every rescue and adopted dog into our homes with grace and dignity. He led by gentle corrections and he was always sweet. He walked into my house 7 years and one week ago, carrying his favorite toy in his mouth. His foster brought him to me to see if the adoption would work out. About two minutes into the meeting, I knew with all my heart that he was mine. When I married, my husband loved him too and he was a favorite. We brought him to our Liberty Hill property one October day in 2014 and he was a free dog for the entire afternoon — he was all dog. No boundaries, nonstop running, fun, fun, and more fun. He was amazing. After that day, whenever I asked him if he wanted to go to the “Place,” he had the biggest smile. This country photo was taken that day and it will be my screensaver forever.

Thank you ABR for matching me to Laser. He was everything promised and more. He was truly a representative of ABR and the breed.