Thank you for contacting Austin Boxer Rescue. If you have found a stray dog, you will need to go to the local shelter to give the owners a chance to reclaim.

As we strongly discourage people giving up their dogs under most situations and encourage people to seek training before giving up a dog. Austin Boxer Rescue’s primary focus is pulling dogs from kill shelters so we have stringent owner surrender guidelines. Please understand that if we accept your dog into rescue it would mean that another boxer will die alone in a shelter. Please read the below information carefully before beginning the process.

Owner Surrender Guidelines

My dog is injured or ill or is in need of emergent or medical intake into rescue:
If you are seeking emergency intake for your dog into rescue please send an email to [email protected] and call the volunteer line at (512) 968-1343. Please give detailed information on your dog, what the situation is that your dog is facing and where your dog is located at present (shelter, vet, home etc). Please understand that we will also need pictures of your dog, your vet’s contact information and an owner surrender form filled out prior to being able to accept the dog into rescue.

I want to re-home my dog and I can keep until placed:
So you want to re-home your dog and you are willing to keep your dog until placed? We ask that all owner’s continue to keep their dog until we are able to match your dog with a new family. Unfortunately, there are not enough foster homes and funds to save every dog that is in a shelter on death row, so we ask that owners help by keeping their dog until a new family has been found. If you want to know the benefits of placing your dog through ABR verses other avenues please read the information below titled: Why should I re-home my boxer through ABR.

For questions about the process that are not answered on this webpage, please email the intake coordinator at [email protected].

  1. Fill out our online owner surrender form, a link can be found below. This form has questions regarding information we need about your dog as we consider his/her acceptance into our program and future placement. This form is automatically forwarded to our Intake Coordinator. The dog is legally yours as long as it’s in your home. You are welcome to look for alternative placements for your dog while you have your dog, but once we find a suitable new family for your dog the form will take affect and you will relinquish all rights to the dog and turn him/her legally over to Austin Boxer Rescue.
  2. We also request that you send photos of your dog to our intake coordinator at [email protected] after you have submitted the form. The better the pictures are of your dog, the more adoption interest he/she will get. Pictures of your dog with other dogs, cats, and/or kids are attractive to people and will help spark interest in your dog. (Please only send these pictures if your dog is comfortable around dogs/cats/kids)
  3. Please contact your veterinarian and have all records faxed to . We require that your dog be current on vaccinations and proof faxed to us prior to acceptance into the program. Any other vet records for your dog including microchip number, heartworm status/preventative, spayed/neutered, and any other medical problems should be faxed with the vaccinations. Once we have proof of vaccinations you will be able to move to step 4.
  4. We have adoption days every other weekend in Austin and monthly in San Antonio information about adoption days is found on the banner to the right on the website. You are encouraged to bring your dog to these events to help give him/her additional exposure and increase the chances of a speedy adoption. Please keep in mind if you choose not to attend adoption events it will take a very long time to place your dog. Once an approved adopter is ready to adopt your dog we will take over the process, get your dog up to date on any vetting he/she is lacking and we will finalize the adoption.


Why should I re-home my boxer through ABR:
We often get asked why someone should re-home there dog through ABR rather than use other avenues. There are many benefits to placing your dog through the rescue verses other avenues if you can keep your dog until placed.

For questions about the process that are not answered on this webpage, please email the intake coordinator at [email protected].

  1. Austin Boxer Rescue does stringent screening on adopters and an application, home visit and reference checks are done prior to a dog being placed in a home. During this process we discuss with the family the boxer breed characteristics to ensure that the family is prepared to take on the responsibility of a boxer.
  2. Any vetting that your dog is lacking will be done by the rescue once your dog has been adopted by the new family and this includes heartworm treatments.
  3. Your dog will be micro chipped to Austin Boxer Rescue so you can rest easy that you dog will never end up at a shelter at risk for euthanasia. If your dog does get out ABR will ensure safety of the dog and help re-unite the dog with the adoptive family. Sadly, shelters will typically only hold dogs for 72 hours before adopting them out or euthanizing them. Having the chip in ABR’s name is an added safe guard to ensure your dog will never be euthanized at a shelter.
  4. Once your dog is an ABR dog this is a life time acceptance. If for some reason an adoptive family can not keep the dog ABR will accept him/her back into the program at any point in the dog’s life. It actually a requirement that a dog come back into rescue and the same criteria that was used to place the dog will be used again.

I can not foster my dog until placed and would like to know if ABR can accept him/her into rescue:
If you are seeking intake for your dog into rescue please but can not foster until placed please send an email to [email protected] explaining the circumstances as to why you can not keep your dog. Please understand that few dogs are accepted into rescue in this case because dogs in shelters that are at risk for euthanasia are considered first. Additionally, a monetary donation may be required to cover boarding and/or you may be required to get your dog fully vetted prior to acceptance into the program.