The following questions will be of help to the person who will adopt your dog. If there is anything you would like to add that may make your pet’s adjustment to a new home easier, please feel free to share that information. We want to make the adoption a success and will work hard to match happy owners with happy dogs.

Owner Information

Information About Your Dog

Background of Your Dog

Please provide name, address and phone number of the Pet Shop, Breeder or Person you got the dog from.

Medical Information

It is extremely important that we have your Vet Information and approval to verify. We do contact your Vet to verify information before approving applications.

Your Dog's Personality

Care and Training Of Your Dog

(things like thunder, men, brooms, etc)

Ownership Surrender Release Contract

Being the sole owner of the dog described above I hereby forever relinquish all claims to and ownership of said animal to the organization known as “Austin Boxer Rescue” hereinafter referred to as “ABR”. I understand that I cannot reclaim this dog once the dog is in the possession of ABR. It is my intent to surrender to ABR all of my ownership rights and all other interests of any kind pertaining to the dog. I understand that the final decision as to any adoption belongs to ABR. I agree to give ABR the dog’s AKC registration papers, if any, and all medical records available. ABR shall attempt to find the dog a suitable home, but the organization shall not be held responsible for the actions of the adoptive or foster family.


When surrendering the dog please bring the following items if you have them:
Toys, bowls, crate, blankets, beds, food and any other items you may have so it will make it easier for the dog to adjust to his/her new home. In addition, we request a MONETARY donation of $50 to 100 to go toward the food and veterinary care for your dog.

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