Zenith is one of our latest Boxers rescued from the Valley in south Texas where back yard breeding is common. She is a tiny, emaciated 35 pounds and at around 2 years old has had a litter. She has a beautiful brindle coat, a black mask and like all of our rescues from there, she is receiving a month’s worth of preventive medication for tick borne illnesses. Whether she escaped or was turned out, she was a stray and is surprisingly heartworm negative.

Zenith is gradually fitting into her foster home with several other dogs to learn from and humans who treat her kindly. She is slowly feeling comfortable eating small meals throughout the day, being petted and rubbed by her humans, and learning to play with her dog friends. She is even ok with the cat. She is low energy at the moment but that may change as she gains weight and confidence.

Zenith is crate and leash trained and very nearly house trained without a dog door. She has very good manners and does not beg although she bounces when it’s time for her walks. She is still hesitant with new people and looks to her pack and humans for reassurance. From a puppy mill to being a stray to becoming part of a family inside a house is a very long journey with so many new things to learn that it takes some time, some practice, some decompressing to take it all in. Zenith is making great strides as she gradually gains her footing with safety and love.