This classic fawn and black masked boy is named Yager. Yager is about 3 years old and 50 pounds of muscle. He is, and is not, your typical Boxer boy. He lives with a very experienced foster mom and has greeted and helped heal several other Boxers as they have passed through their care. He is very loving and playful and has that unique Boxer jokester streak. He can wiggle his butt with the best of them when he knows he’s safe and loved. He can be crated, but one risks having happy-tail (a broken, bleeding tip of the tail) if he is left too long. He doesn’t really need to be crated anyway as he has not been destructive nor has he had an accident in his foster home. He is house trained with or without a dog door.

It was pretty clear Yager escaped from being a bait dog when he came to ABR. He had scars and wounds all over, but especially around his head and face. He suffered some trauma to his throat from being restrained requiring that his only harness now must be an “Easy Walk” type with leash attachment in front. The callouses on his elbows and knees may always be rough from his life on concrete, and his fear of thunderstorms and loud noises is pronounced. ABR strongly recommends slow, structured introductions between dogs, and with Yager this is imperative.

His first impulse is to fight to protect himself, but when he has time to observe and get to know the other dog from the safety of their kennels, and then have closely supervised introductions with a trusted human, he is able to make friends; as he has with the fosters he has helped heal. He can be a good walker, and needs daily exercise, but greeting other dogs out walking is not in the cards for Yager. If you heed his early lessons and scars, then crossing the street or stepping into a yard as other dogs pass just become a routine walk.

Yager is physically healthy with the usual bump here and there. Although he is heartworm positive he is half way through the slow kill method of taking heartworm prevention each and every month. While Yager presents some challenges from his past, he also presents the growth and opportunities of his life since then. He is loving and loyal, smart and playful, and likes nothing more than being near his people. Yager’s foster mom is eager to share all she has learned about this wonderful guy; how to help him navigate life, and how he can help you navigate yours.