Frank McReynolds is a virtual foster for Wrigley. ~ Thank You!!

Imagine how rough it’s been for this 1 year old puppy for the last 4 months; confined to his crate with a big old cast on his leg when he should be bouncing off the walls bothering the other dogs in his pack. But no, not Wrigley, he had to heal from surgery to repair his broken leg; a big old cast, and then a splint for heaven’s sake; just really cramped his puppy enthusiasm. But now he can do jumps and spins with all four legs.

Wrigley is an average size male with a fawn coat, black mask, natural ears and docked tail. His socializing with the other dogs and a cat was delayed, but we know he does not like the cat or small dogs. Boxer size dogs and bigger are probably OK, but he’s still learning about proper introductions and appropriate pack behavior so being a very active young guy makes it a little bit harder, but he’s learning as puppies do.

He is heartworm positive, but he is a puppy who has received heartworm preventive each month since coming to rescue so retests may show him negative fairly soon. Now he has completed the surgery and healing for his leg he is set to be neutered. He’s house, crate and leash trained and does well on leash. He likes car rides and toys and does a really good kidney bean dance. He’s not a barker and he has very good people manners. He is a high energy puppy that Boxer lovers will recognize. He needs a family who understands his puppyhood may last for some time to come, a family who can help him get a lot of exercise, direction, support and socialization.