This little cutie patootie is named Wichita. She’s about 18 months old, heartworm negative, smart, sweet and cute as a button.  She has a soft, fuzzy fawn coat with a black mask, a wrinkly forehead, an underbite that doesn’t always contain her tongue, floppy ears, and a full tail. All this in a small, slender, muscular body. And she offers very gentle little kisses.

Wichita, like many of our fosters, is learning proper manners and good pack behavior from her Boxer hosts who have become familiar with correcting, protecting and integrating scared fosters into their pack and family. She is a quick learner and is settling in very well. She likes to see what her young skin kids are doing, offer a tiny kiss and see if that toy is hers or theirs. She takes direction very well and is already house, crate and leash trained even though she is not destructive in the house.

She loves to play with toys, the other dogs, and her people and then take a long nap. She has unusually good manners for an active, inquisitive youngster and can adapt her energy to the environment. She is one lucky puppy who came from an area flush with puppy mills through shelters and kennels and into an experienced, loving foster home. One where she can decompress, learn she is safe and prepare for her next step from forgotten to family.