This sweet little nugget is named Ursa. She’s about 2 years old, all of 35 pounds so far, almost a flashy fawn coat with white feet, white chest, and a white stripe down her face, and a docked tail. She hops around like a kangaroo when she’s excited (often) so one can only imagine how much more she could do with a full tail. Ursa is heartworm negative, but like most of our rescues from the Palm Valley area, she is taking a preventive for tick borne illness and her coat is recovering from malnutrition as she is being properly fed and cared for.

Ursa lives in a foster home with Boxers, a German Shepherd, an elementary aged kid and foster parents. She became part of the pack on her first day and bounces around to engage each of them in play. This little fireball even gets the German Shepherd to play, a rare sight indeed. She is not bossy and does not react when the Boxers get snotty; she just retreats and waits for another opportunity for playtime.

Ursa wants attention and pettting and snuggles but is still a bit wary while actually being petted; not an unusual reaction for many of our younger rescues. She is learning the hands in this home don’t hit, they can be trusted, and she asks for more chances to learn. She likes to be near one or all of her people and will follow them wherever they go. If a door is closed, she will wait and whine until her person re emerges. She may not be a good fit for apartment life unless your neighbors enjoy whining dogs.

Ursa is sweet and active, doing better and better on leash as she gets more practice. She does settle in her crate eventually after crying for her people. She has not shown a desire to eat the guinea pigs in her foster home, but who knows if that will change. She is very gentle with her kid and a very good pack member. She is housetrained. She is an active, playful, energetic girl who will need some time to learn her new life is safe, her humans will protect and love her. She has made tremendous strides in a short time and is about ready for the next step to her forever family..