Do you know how Austin Boxer Rescue (ABR) says “once an ABR dog, always an ABR dog”? We really mean it. 2 of our previously adopted Boxers have come back home within the past few weeks; Toby is one of them. Welcome home Toby, we’ll help you find another family to love you like your family does now. Sometimes things change so much a family just has to call for help, even when it hurts and they don’t want to, but loving your dog like family means you do what’s best. Toby was adopted in 2013 at age 1 or 2 and he’s never known another family.

Toby’s about 9 now and in pretty good shape. He’s up to date on all his vaccinations and heartworm negative. You can see this handsome fawn guy looks pretty good with his floppy ears and black mask. Like most guys his age his hips get a little sore and his teeth get a cleaning every year. He is house, crate and leash trained and knows the usual commands. He gets along with kids, and with properly supervised, slow introductions he does fine with small dogs. He lives with a Chihuahua at the moment, but he’s not fond of dogs his size or bigger. We do not know about cats.

He’s an inside guy who likes to watch his family from his bed and be near for all the attention and love he can get. Toby’s really a family dog who is accustomed to being part of the family; he knows the rules and is obedient. He is described as being friendly, smart, calm, protective, affectionate, quiet, and obedient; pretty much sums up an older Boxer who is accustomed to having a family to watch over.