You have probably heard Boxers being described as “velcro dogs”, well this one is an Opihi; a shellfish stuck to the rocks so tightly it takes a crowbar to remove them. His ABR name is Tilden, but he’s Opihi to us. He doesn’t respond to either seeing as he is deaf. We are learning which hand signs work for him and fortunately he has a deaf Boxer host and a hearing Boxer host so that’s going quickly. Like most deaf Boxers he has learned to watch his people closely, sleep near them and nap in places like hallways and doorways so he doesn’t miss a coming or going. He is fitting into his pack easily in the first week and getting more comfortable each day.

Tilden is just over 4 years old, about 65 pounds with a very soft white coat, docked tail, beautiful droopy ears and very soulful eyes. He has a long, loping gait and a big hollow deaf-dog bark that gets a real workout when he sees a squirrel or has to spend time in his crate. He does not like being separated at all but he’s not destructive out of his crate. About those squirrels, he is rather compulsive and will relent only after being put on leash and taken inside. He loves seeing his leash and loves going for walks; on a long lead it’s one long sniff-pee-scratch dance from post to post, but on a short lead he walks quite easily. The three walk well together. He is house trained to a dog door, or he will smack the door with his paw to get out. His first bath in a walk-in shower with a hand held nozzle was great. He moved about with a push here and tug there and was fully cooperative and he kept asking for more rubs with the towel to dry off.

He is fully vaccinated and healthy although we don’t know his heartworm status as of mid June, and he does have 2 or 3 small bumps. It looks as though all four canines have had their tips filed down. He does not live with kids or cats, but his compulsion for squirrels says no cat friends for him. Tilden is a very affectionate dog who is also very respectful. He likes to snuggle up, crawl up in a lap, lay under his human’s desk or chair, and nuzzle a hand when he’d like some reassurance but he is not pushy even though he is ever present. He’s only been in his foster home for a week on June 12,  and he has a long journey ahead, but he has made remarkable progress learning to communicate, learning the rules, fitting into his pack, and settling in until he finds his forever family.

Tilden is high positive for heartworms even though he is a very active guy. He cannot be crated because he panics and his behavior escalates to the point he can hurt himself, so the fast-kill method is not an option. He will receive heartworm preventive once a month with his mates and  will test negative in 12 months or so with monthly treatment. He is dog friendly, smart, and affectionate.