Just learning about Sparky made me smile. He’s an average size male of about 65 pounds in a solid fawn coat, a white chest and toes dipped in white paint. His big square head has a beautiful black mask and welcoming eyes with big old floppy ears. He’s a very mellow 4 year old who seems absolutely delighted to be part of a family and watch his world through a window or on a walk.

He walks very well on leash with an occasional pause to gaze at deer or other dogs; he only tugs when he sees a cat. He does not currently live with kids, and we don’t know if he did before he came to us, but he is a calm, even keeled guy. He gets excited when his foster parents come home and likes to give big Boxer hugs all around before he settles down, hopefully as close to his people as he cant get, a 65 pound Boxer lap dog.

Sparky uses a dog door and stays in the house without being destructive while his people work. He likes to sleep with them or near them at night.

This big guy likes to carry soft toys around with him, and have a brief wrestle with his humans if they offer, but mostly he likes to be near, doing what they do. He is dog friendly and could likely do well at local cafes, without cats. He is, like many of our rescues, heartworm positive and not symptomatic. ABR will explain the treatment options and help with it, but treatment does not have to be difficult for dog or human these days. Mr. Mellow, Sparky, would likely do well with or without a dog buddy so long as his family makes him part of the family and expects him to join in the fun, adventures, and snuggles.