Sir Wagginton

Sir Wagginton has the scars to prove he was a stray and had to scrap to survive, but his little nub just doesn’t stop wagging now he’s safe with a foster family. He was not a fan of having his ear repaired when he got to ABR, but now he picks up his soft Lambchop and very gently places her on his bed. He’s about 7 years old, heartworm negative, with a fawn coat, gray face, dark rings around his eyes, white toe tips, and a cropped tail. He’s not emaciated now he’s getting regular meals without the fights.

Surprisingly, Sir Wagginton is probably OK with the right dog friend. He’s definitely not OK with cats and we’re not sure about kids now his ear has healed, but he does not live with kids at the moment. This guy is a lover, not a fighter and he just can’t get enough snuggles. He is a sweet, easy, low key guy who likes soft beds and humans.

He likes to meander along on his walks, apparently savoring every moment. He is housetrained and uses his dog door. He is not fond of his crate, but then, he is not destructive or any kind of problem out of it. He is learning basic commands and is very compliant. You can almost hear his sigh of relief now he is safe and loved where he can snuggle, sunbathe, and take care of his lamby and his people.