Sherwood was named in honor of Elloa and David Matthews, in honor of their years of service to their neighbors in Sherwood Oaks.  


Sherwood is one of those guys you just love. He’s a bit older, has lumps and bumps, doesn’t hear so well, and lost a patch of fur and he doesn’t care one bit. He has a cute snaggle tooth too. He loves and lives with everything he’s got. He’s a big 6 year old fawn boy at about 69 pounds, He is heartworm positive and getting his monthly heartworm preventive as all ABR dogs do. ABR will help with treatment and explain the options as always.

Sherwood lives with a fur buddy and a cat and they all get along well. He loves to lounge near his foster parents although he will chase a ball and play with his fur buddy too. He is house, crate and leash trained and follows direction very well. He’s a gentleman taking treats.

Some Boxers just warm your house and your heart with their strength, resolve and ability to love no matter what. Those, like Sherwood, show what the Boxer spirit is, what it means to be able to be loyal and love and bring smiles and tears with them. He is a special sweetheart who deserves love and comfort in return.