Oh my goodness, look at that sweet face! Shabu would like to say hello, maybe bring a toy to share with you. This 12 year old lady loves her toys about as much as she loves her people. She takes one out of the toy box and tosses it in the air so she can catch it and give it a good shake. You could toss it for her if you like. She’s healthy with some pep in her step for her age even though her back legs are a little bit stiff. She’d love to cuddle up with you on the couch, but she’s learned to only look longingly at the couch in her foster home. Her older Boxer brothers aren’t allowed up there either.

She follows her foster mom from room to room, often carrying a toy with her. There’s a 7 year old kid here too and Shabu does fine with him, but she still follows mom. Shabu politely interacts with her 2 new friends. She is house and leash trained, but is used to being out and about in the house and is not comfortable for long in her crate or behind a closed door. Who knows when her family may need her help?

Shabu is a lovely fawn lady with well deserved silver on her face.  She is well mannered and sweet and just adorable. She’ll lay by your feet if you prefer, but she’d make you more comfortable with her head on your knee on the couch.