One of the things Austin Boxer Rescue is known for is taking in Boxers in need; injured ones, deaf ones, pregnant ones, old ones, and blind ones. They all deserve care and a chance at a good life. Salvatore is one of ABR’s blind Boxers, well mostly blind, he’d qualify for a tax break if he was a human. He may have just a bit of sight from one eye, he sure knows when dinner is being prepared and where he needs to be to eat it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to guess the age for a Boxer with a disability and so it is with Salvatore. Officially he is 6 but his foster dad said he acted much younger than that. He does 360 degree spins and hops when it’s time for dinner or a walk, he really loves his walks. Well, unless it’s cold; Salvatore as his name implies is a warm weather guy.

Salvatore feels comfortable in his crate with the door open. He’ll snuggle some but he has not shown much interest in getting on the couch (yet). He is crate and leash trained but he needs some help getting out to do his business. If someone is home with him and he has a dog door he can learn how to navigate safely, but he needs some patience and reassurance. He is a good boy, he just needs someone to be with him, to reassure him he’s safe and not alone.