Salty Dawg

A dark, dark brindle coat with tiny white flashes introduces Salty Dawg. He’s a 7 year
old guy who gets along well with the pack in his foster home and hasn’t had an accident
inside even though he may not have lived inside much before now. Quick movements
make him flinch until he realizes it’s for a pet, not a slap, and then he asks for more
pets. He likes pets and praise and being near enough to his people to get both; he’s
learning a raised hand can bring love and soothing.
Salty Dawg does not currently live with kids or cats, and we don’t know if he ever did,
but we do know he’s not a good fit for cats. He’s anxious about entering small openings
like a dog door or a crate door, likely learned from maltreatment, but he lets his foster
parent know when he needs to go outside, and he will go into his crate with praise,
patience and a treat. He’d prefer to sleep with his fur friends but he hasn’t earned that
privilege yet.
Salty Dawg is heartworm positive but not symptomatic and ABR will discuss the options
and help with treatment. He is healthy and apparently happy to be part of family life. He
likes to run and play with toys and is very active. He’s best on leash with a harness,
something his foster mom is working on now. Salty Dawg is sweet, loving and doing his
part to belong with a family, in the house, with his people and fur friends. This stunning
brindle guy could easily be your best companion.