Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret is a lady of a certain age (9, but we’re not telling) who gets along with her younger fur friends and 2 little skin kids just fine. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t earned a bit of respect, like “get the heck out of my quiet spot, NOW” kind of respect. A glance and a low comment is all that’s needed for the youngsters to get the message. It’s quiet time inside after all. Outside, well, she can still run with the best of them; and slow down for play time with the skin kids too.

This lady sports a fawn coat with a white chest and just a dash of white on her neck, pretty elegant. You don’t even have to ask if she is house trained, I mean, really how embarrassing. She’s fine outside a crate too. When she’s not napping in her quiet spot you’ll find her right by your side. Princess Margaret likes her humans, big and small.

This lady has had a few litters, of course, and she is heartworm positive. ABR will discuss the options for treatment and help with it too. This sweet, dignified lady has some years left in her journey. She’d love to have her quiet spot next to you while you read a book, or watch tv, or take a nap with her.

Princess Margaret was named in memory of Miss Margaret May (Maggie),dog of Tempy & Jeremy Wright.