Paloma came to ABR with an adult male and 2 pups, all 3 of them have since found their forever homes. She is a fawn female around 2 years old who is heartworm negative, healthy, and  about 50 pounds.  She has a smaller head and longer muzzle than the square-head boxers, and has a natural tail and uncropped ears.

Paloma is house, crate and leash trained, going easily into her crate for a treat where she likes to chew on her rope toy. She lives with an older female Boxer and the two get on well; however, ABR does not place females with females for adoption as they often have disputes about dominance as they age. She is fine with males but may be a bit choosey. She does not currently live with cats or kids so we don’t know how she does with them on a regular basis.

Paloma has very good manners and gets on furniture only after an invitation. She loves to play and chase and knows when and where high activity is OK, and when it’s time to cool down near her people or foster mate. She likes to look in the mirror and figure out who’s looking back at her. Paloma was a stray so she is still a bit wary of the unknown; shadows, noises, unexpected actions and such; but she is a sweet loving, trusting girl who loves being part of a family. Feeling safe and loved is pretty good.