Noodles is one of our recent rescues from the Rio Grande valley. She made it to ABR in the nick of time. She was so emaciated and sick with kennel cough that all she could manage for the first week with her experienced foster family was to eat small meals and sleep in her crate. She could not walk without falling down. On day 7 she found a ball and gave it to her foster dad to throw for her, and her journey from forgotten to family was underway. She’s still small and underweight and taking preventive medication all of our rescues from her part of the valley take, but her cough is gone, she eats regular meals, and she is gaining weight, strength and confidence.

Noodles is 3, maybe younger, but it’s hard to be exact with one so sick who escaped from the  puppy mills. She has become very affectionate with her humans, even her teen skin kid, but she has not warmed up to the dogs in her house. Some with her history gradually learn to trust other dogs, and some do not. We’re pretty sure she’d be OK with teens, not OK with cats, and a definite maybe with the right dog friend.

Noodles is a flashy fawn girl who needs full vetting, tests, and to be spayed now she is well enough for all of that. She loves to play and is learning to tone it down a bit. She is house, crate and leash trained and very good in her crate unless another dog approaches. She gets possessive of human attention and affection, but with time and security, and training she can learn she is safe now and will always have what she needs.