Nibby is the spitting image of Petey from the Little Rascals, for any who may remember that far back. She has a pretty white coat with a big brown patch over her right, passenger side, eye, and big floppy ears. She’s about 3 years old and, as almost all of our rescues must, is recovering from her journey to safety. Nibby is almost recovered from a UTI and is gaining weight. She is heartworm positive but treatment need not be difficult now, and ABR will help with options and treatment.

Nibby is calm and not a barker, that does not mean she’s a couch potato. She likes to play with the resident dogs and be near her people. She is a great walker on leash and squeaky toys make her whole body wiggle. She is learning that her crate is her safe place and she sleeps there at night. Once her UTI is completely resolved she will be house trained too.

Nibbly is a cuddler who likes to get close. She doesn’t currently live with cats or kids so we can’t say how she’d do with them, but we can say she’s pretty calm as Boxers go. Just think, you could have a sweet, loving Boxer girl who looks just like a celebrity, but you have to fill out that application first.