Thank you Cindy McWhirter for virtually fostering Neville!

Neville is one of our sweet, loving, calm Boxers. He loves his time sunbathing, laying by your side or at your feet, taking a leisurely stroll with you, and just hanging out. He’s not an older guy, just mellow at about 6 years old. He’ll chase a squirrel if the opportunity presents itself, and move his food and water bowls to suit his whim. He has a cute Boxer bark and a great wiggle too.

Neville has a white coat with one brown eye and one blue eye, floppy ears and a docked tail. He’s still gaining some weight with 3 small meals a day, but this guy’s a peculiar eater who prefers just the right table in just the right spot at the restaurant. He takes thyroid medications 2 times per day and is heartworm negative. Neville hears just fine and follows directions.

He currently lives with a male and a female Boxer and they all get along well. Neville does play some, but he is not the energizer bunny type. He does not currently live with cats or kids. If you are looking for a good, steady companion with some interesting habits and lots of time to spend with you, Neville’s your guy.