Nala Boo

Nala Boo has a dark honey colored fawn coat with a black mask, floppy ears and a docked tail. She is a Permanent Foster with ABR, meaning there is no adoption fee and ABR will provide some ongoing support, read more here:  Nala Boo is 4 years old and heartworm negative. She is a Permanent Foster because she has kidney failure; otherwise she is a healthy, happy 50 pounds who follows her foster dad everywhere. She lies near him while he works and puts her head in his lap for a good scratch and loving pets. Going for walks and watching Boxer TV (looking out the front window) are her favorite things to do.

Nala Boo lived in a home before she came to ABR, so she knows the rules and is house, crate and leash trained. She knows to sit and wait to cross streets while on her walks. She does OK in her crate but really prefers to have her humans near or be with her host Boxer. She is good with other dogs but does not live with cats or kids so we don’t know about them. She is obsessed with squirrels.

Nala Boo is a smart girl who learns quickly and picks up on the family rules pretty easily. She is easily redirected and loves praise. My personal ABR Permanent Foster had kidney disease and a low protein, low sodium diet supplemented with homemade  salt-free chicken broth helped keep her healthy and active until she passed. Nala Boo can be your constant companion, looking after you while you look after her, for some time to come. ABR has a members-only FaceBook group for families who adopt Silverhearts and Permanent Fosters so we can be there for your journey.