This guy sports a stunningly beautiful brindle coat with a black mask and a touch of flash on his toes and chest. With his floppy ears and docked tail you’ll notice this 60 pound boy prancing past you on lead. His name is Murtah and he’s 2 years old and heartworm negative. He is a strong, happy guy who loves to use his front paws as Boxers will.

Murtah is a high energy guy who happily runs 5K with his foster dad and still has energy to burn at the dog park when it is open. He is healthy and heartworm negative, and he’s done well at the dog park although he can be a bit dominant with submissive dogs. He is responding well to training and redirection as he and his foster dad spend time on it. Murtah is praise driven and seems to need some uninterrupted time with his human every day, just for reassurance and connection.

Murtah has a high prey drive and is not a good fit for kids; so no kids or cats for him. He would do well as an only dog for a high energy owner who likes to run. He is very affectionate and very smart, and can be a bit sensitive if scolded. So, keep it positive and wear him out so he’ll snuggle up for a nap.