This girl with an unusual, very dark brindle coat is named Misty. She is a medium size 5 year old with a mild energy level. She lives with several adults and teens and loves to be near and with people. She is eager for walks and even for a jog now and then. She’s not a fan of other dogs so keeping her moving is a good idea.

Misty is house trained and has very good people manners. Her favorite thing is watching Boxer T V (looking out the front window) until she falls asleep. Misty is heartworm positive, but ABR always explains the treatment options and helps with treatment. She does not live with cats or young kids so we don’t know how she does with them, but teens are fine. She is scheduled to be spayed in late July and otherwise appears healthy. Misty would do best as an only dog so she can have all the attention and the front window all to herself.