Look at that happy, smiling face. This 12 year old is loving life. His name is Milburn and that handsome silver face goes with his flashy fawn coat. He is quite healthy for his age, heartworm negative with a touch of arthritis in his back legs. Carpet and wood floors are best for him, but he goes slowly on tile.

Milburn currently lives in a house with 3 energetic little boys, a young Boxer and an older Boxer. He does just fine with all of them, although Milburn is a hard no for cats.  He might prefer a little less energy in his house so it’s a little easier to nap in the sun.

Milburn is house trained and will wake you up if he needs to go out. He does just fine without being in a crate. He has very good manners and is an easy going gentleman. And he is a Silverheart! You can read all about ABR’s Silverheart program on the website.