We have an update for Meghan in early August:

She has generated a lot of interest so far, of course, but she’s not ready for her next step yet, but might be by the end of August or early September. Meghan is fighting an infection in one leg and is slowly winning that battle. The antibiotics make it difficult for her to gain weight and she can’t be spayed until she’s stable and strong. She is doing better and is putting a bit of weight on her injured leg, so she may avoid amputation. She still tries to chase that cat and when she catches it has no idea what to do; friend or foe, who knows. She is still tough, sunny, lovable Meghan through it all.

This sweet, loving girl came in to rescue pretty beat up with one young puppy to care for. She was sick, weak, injured and a fantastic mother for her little boy. Even though she did not have enough food for herself, she still nursed him. Even though 2 of her legs were compromised, she still cuddled and protected him. She is still a puppy herself at 2 years old, and yet, through it all, she is a terrific mom with a sunny disposition. Meghan is her name; this tiny flashy fawn girl with a black mask, spots of brindle and lots of spots in the white parts and a big, big heart.

She came in to a foster home with several other large and small dogs, and gets along with all of them, although she lets the other females know whose puppy is whose. Meghan lost a good bit of hair mostly along her back before she came to us. We don’t know why, but it is filling in now she is safe, secure, and fed. She is heartworm positive but at her age treatment need not be difficult and ABR always helps with it. She has gained a lot of strength and butt wiggles in her foster home, but she may need to have one leg amputated. ABR has had several amputees over the years, and they heal quickly and adapt even more quickly.

Meghan is pretty special. Even keeled through all that she’s been through; loves her humans; is good with other dogs; excellent snuggler; house, crate and leash trained; and is not currently fast enough to bother with the cat. She will be faster without that bad leg… Each one has a story about their journey from forgotten to family and Meghan’s is one of the best.