Mrs Kringle

Mrs. Kringle gave birth to 7 healthy puppies on 12/14/20 and has been a very attentive and loving mama since. She wags and wags while people pay attention to her puppies and trusts the humans with them. She is around 4 to 5 years old and has been able to gain a little weight even while she is nursing. She is sweet and loving and will lay her head on your knee when she needs a little attention. She likes her short walks but is eager to get home to her puppies.

Mrs. Kringle has a brindle coat with some white flash here and there; natural ears and a docked tail. She came to ABR as a stray and has not been fully vetted as of 1/17/21, but will be once her puppies go to their new homes. Aside from being a bit thin she appears to be healthy and she certainly is happy. She has 2 middle school skin kids she adores, and her puppies attract their friends so she is fine with kids. She has a moderate to low energy level at the moment but that is likely due to the efforts of motherhood.

Mrs. Kringle is house, crate and leash trained and knows basic commands. She is eager to please her people and be with them. This girl is just a gem with her easy, even happy demeanor. She’s just about ready to be done with motherhood and move on to enjoying being part of a family, maybe with a fur buddy.