Frosting – LSBR


Frosting is an energetic one year old female puppy who is learning how to dog from her 8 year old male Boxer host. She follows him around, snuggles with him for naps, and bothers him until he’ll play tug or chase or wrestle. She loves to play fetch and is learning to return the ball so she can chase it again. Frosting is still a bit underweight and healthy. She is heartworm negative and had a rear leg injury prior to rescue that has no impact on her activity.

Frosting is house, crate and leash trained and is pretty well mannered for a puppy. Of course she needs boundaries and redirection, but that’s part of being a puppy. She is about 35 pounds now with a pretty fawn coat, floppy ears and natural tail and big brown eyes.

She is a sweet puppy who loves to cuddle between her bursts of energy. She does not currently live with cats or kids but she does take direction well. If you have lived with a Boxer puppy you know they need patience, persistence, guidance and lots of love. You also know they are worth every minute of it. Frosting is ready to continue her journey from forgotten to family, are you ready to welcome her?