Mamma Honey

This Silverheart named Mama Honey could be exactly the warm, loving companion you need. You don’t need to stay 6 feet from her, she probably wouldn’t do it anyway. She will lay her head in your lap to share some love with you, and take you on short walks in your neighborhood. Mama Honey has a gorgeous dark honey colored coat with a splash of white on her chest, a full tail, natural ears and an upturned nose. She’s a wise and gentle 10 years old and about 50 pounds.

She is a healthy gal who is heartworm negative. Her family had to move in with their family and she could not join them, but she landed in a wonderful foster home that softened her landing. Mama Honey was mostly kept outside in a dog run until now so she is gradually learning about life with toys, dental chews, kibble and regular walks. She is not destructive in the house and is completely house-trained. Mama Honey is OK with other dogs but we don’t know about cats or kids. She loves her foster parents and tries to be near them. She sits for treats and is eager to please.

Mama Honey would be a terrific companion to lighten your days. She may not be able to share a card game, but she can join you on the couch or lay by your chair. I guarantee she will make you smile.