Sometimes the best dog is “just a good ol’ dog.” You know, the one that’s calm and attentive, always there but never in the way. The one that just seems to give you as much pleasure from a pet and a scratch as he gets. That smile on your face when you see him napping in the sun. That guy is Jay. He’s 5 years old and likes a nice, easy walk and a calm place to call home.

Jay has sore back so he’s OK with older, calmer dogs but can’t be bounced around and jumped on by younger dogs. He paid no attention to the cat that routinely wandered through his yard.  He’d do just fine if it’s just you and him. He is heartworm positive but has already started slow kill treatment. He is getting some meds from the vet to help him out.

He is house, crate and leash trained and is easy to live with. He snoozes on his dog bed while his family watches tv and lays in the kitchen to help with dinner. He’s really good at watching the world through his window and finding sunny spots for napping. Sometimes being “just a good ol’ dog” is the highest praise there is for a calm, steady, easy going and loyal companion.