Someone has been waiting and looking for just this girl. She’s an older girl at 10 years, and she’s slowed down like we all do, and she loves to be near her people unless she’s warming her bones in the sun or enjoying a nap on her bed or in her crate. Ida is a love and a joy to share the days with. She has learned from her foster parents that she is safe now and can relax and enjoy the comforts of a home and companionship.
Ida is a small Boxer with a deep red coat with splashes of white on her chest and feet and a black mask. Just a tiny bit of her tongue highlights her smiling face. She is heartworm positive and otherwise healthy. She is a calm, quiet girl who is not in a hurry and doesn’t mind so much if she gets out for a short walk or not just as long as she has a backyard.
Ida is very sweet and loves affection and belonging. She only gets on the couch when invited (or when you’re not looking). She sleeps in her crate at night and enjoys watching her people garden or cook during the day. She wags and wags when she meets new people. Ida could easily be your companion and watch you read a book, or garden, or join her for a moment in the sun.