Jessi Loey is Hope’s virtual foster.

Hope was named by Cassandra Pena in honor of Hope Stodghill White, who helped save a boxer.

We have a delightful update for Hope now she has been in her foster home long enough to settle in, learn to trust again, and get some medical attention. Read on:

Hope is a petite , 6 year old, flashy fawn female. She was emaciated and fearful when she came to ABR, but regular meals, consistent boundaries and lots of love have turned both of those around. She lives with another Boxer and an experienced foster mom, both of whom helped her learn her new life can be pretty comfortable. Hope is heartworm negative and has a mass on one leg that will be removed.

She’s pretty smart and learns quickly as she is eager to please. She does well on leash and is OK with a crate. Like many of our middle aged and senior female Boxers, she can be sporadically incontinent. Well timed walks and medication can help her resolve this tiny issue. Hope gets along with other dogs and loves to play; even though she is the submissive one she is the one making all the noise, with her tail wagging like a propeller. She does not currently live with cats or kids although she has acted properly with kids she has met.

It took some time and some persistence to help Hope get past her trepidation around people. She is still initially cautious with people she does not know, until they show her they are friendly. Hope is a very pretty girl who has come a very long way on her journey to a forever family. Sometimes the wounds we can’t see are the deepest ones requiring consistent structure, love and guidance to heal, so the wounded can feel safe and secure.

Hope, like many of our rescues, came from a past that taught her to fear humans because some of them would hurt her. As she has learned to trust again her personality is shining through and her behaviors have gradually changed. Her occasional incontinence was due to fear, not physiological, and she is no longer incontinent. She comes to her foster mom for love and attention, not just for food. She feels safe meeting new people and her wiggle butt is back. She is OK being crated now, although she doesn’t need to be in her foster home so long as random food is not left out where she can find it. The tumor on her rear was successfully removed too. Sometimes the injuries we cannot see take longer to heal than the ones we can see. Hope is ready for her next step into a forever family, thanks to her foster mom and ABR.