Holly Berry

Holly Berry is coming back home to ABR ready for a second chance with a forever family. She didn’t do anything wrong, she’s a good girl, but her adopter had to make some tough decisions and that’s been hard for Holly. A family member passed away leaving his 8 year old female dog without a home, so of course Holly’s adopter stepped up and took her in. But now we have 2 females in the home, each used to being the only dog, and that is usually not a good recipe. Holly is having a hard time adjusting and really needs a clean start.

Holly was trained at StarMark prior to her adoption in June 2018, and she has been an only dog since then. She generally gets along well with other dogs, and has lived with other dogs in her foster home, but ABR hardly ever places 2 females in the same home as it usually does not go well. Holly would be fine with a male companion or as an only dog.

She is pretty shy when meeting people at first but after she figures you are OK, you will be her new best friend. She likes to run and jump and play and she is a very good snuggler. She likes a good game of tug. Holly Berry is fully vetted, up to date on everything, heartworm negative, and in good health. She is house, crate and leash trained. She does not live with cats or kids so we don’t know how she does with them. As always, once an ABR dog, always an ABR dog, and Holly Berry is coming home so we can help her along her journey.