Virtual Foster is Cindy McWhirter – Thank You!

Hattie is a pretty typical older female Boxer; one who loves her comforts and the right kind of companionship, hugs and scratches, air conditioning, and a little space for herself too. She is quite attractive with her fawn coat and black mask, and a few bumps and scars as testament to her age, wisdom and strength. Yes, a typical older female Boxer who will love and protect you with everything she has.

Miss Hattie is about 8 years old now, and even though she is heartworm positive she is getting monthly heartworm preventive as all ABR dogs do. ABR will work with you for treatment. Hattie likes her short walks with the male and female Boxers in her home, and gets on well with the male, but keeps a wary eye on the female; so it’s best for Hattie to have a family to herself, or maybe share it with a guy. She does fine with the young children in her home, and is near her people as much as possible.

Hattie is house and leash trained and can be in her crate, but she does not do well there. She does not like being left alone, though she prefers to eat by herself. She has not gotten into mischief in the house when not crated. She likes to go out back and play and lay in the sun for a bit, but then the a/c and a soft bed beckon her back inside. Hattie will make a terrific companion, snuggler and protector for some lucky family.