Hamlin is good with kids and the 2 Boxers in his foster home. He figured out how to sit and how to use the dog door on his first day there. If he’s not being petted he’s probably laying in the sun, but both would definitely be best. He’s a happy boy who is still pretty skinny at 40 pounds, but regular food, safety, love and play will solve that.

Hamlin is 4 years old with a solid white coat, natural ears, natural tail and dark eyes that search your soul. He can run like the wind or sleep in the sun. He listens and is easily corrected; a pat or a rub and a good boy always help. Hamlin will be neutered, and he is heartworm positive, but treatment is not necessarily difficult now, and ABR will discuss the options with you.

Hamlin is housetrained and is gradually learning his crate is ok. He sleeps in it overnight in his foster’s bedroom so that’s a good start. We’re not sure about leash training yet, and we don’t know how he is with cats, but he loves his kids and fits right in with the Boxers in his foster home. Welcome Hamlin, on his journey from forgotten to family.