Gentleman Jim

Gentleman Jim was named by Carolyn Wheat in honor of her mother, Carol Eagle, and her love for her granddogs.

All of a sudden ABR has several terrific young Boxers. It’s not fair to pick a favorite here, but Gentleman Jim certainly vies for top spot. He is a flashy fawn who is about 2 years old and average size. He asked permission several times before he got on the couch, but now he knows where the best snuggles happen. He is a delightful, easy going guy who likes to carry his toys with him, just in case he needs one for his nap.

Gentleman Jim is another one of our rescues who gets a months worth of preventive medication because of the prevalence of ticks and bad conditions where he came from; but he’s looking great and healthy. The calluses on his elbows from his life on concrete will melt away with the love and safety of a family. He is heartworm positive, but treatment need not be difficult, and ABR always helps with it. This sweet natured boy is house, crate and leash trained and loves to be near his people.

Gentleman Jim has a big old wrinkly head that’s just perfect for scratching and smooching, and eyes that will melt your heart. He lives with another Boxer for now, and he’s a friendly fellow. He has met kids but does not live with any so we’re not sure how he relates to the daily activity of kids or cats. But you can sort all that out once he’s found the couch in your house.