You may be thinking you were too late and missed out on the puppies, but you’re not and you didn’t.. Ernestine is only 5 months old and past the potty training, house training parts, so you get to enjoy the cuddles and snuggles and jumps and spins instead of that cleaning up after her part. She is a very pretty flashy fawn girl with a full tail, floppy ears and one sock she forgot to take off. She came to us as a stray but nobody came for her, until ABR did. She was in good shape except for ringworm, and that is almost gone with all the medicated baths she gets.

She is a happy, playful, funny puppy who is not a typical crazy Boxer puppy. She is calmer and knows when it’s time to amp it up or turn it down. She loves to play and she loves to snuggle. She has not had time with other dogs or kids because of the ringworm, but she is a youngster and they are almost always OK when introduced early on. Ernestine (Nessie) likes to bury her bones in the sides of the couch, under her foster mom’s slippers, and in the closet. She puts herself to bed in her crate, but she has not chewed up anything that is not hers when she’s out and about. And she uses the dog door like a champ and is good on a leash!

This girl is a true gem. Beautiful, smart, fits into family life easily, loves snuggles and play but isn’t pushy about it. She watches tv, growls at her reflection, pounces at the vacuum, loves to run, and spin and take long naps. You didn’t miss the puppies, but Nessie won’t be looking for her forever home for long. So do it, go ahead, meet Ernestine.