Dr. Fauci

NAB recipient – Dr. Fauci was named by Deb Holdstock.
Virtual Foster – Thank you Frank McReynolds.

This guy is named Dr. Fauci and even at 78 pounds he is still underweight. He came in pretty malnourished, but he’s catching up well in his foster home. He loves to play with his older, smaller female Boxer host but he’s pretty active for his size and age, about 4 years old. He is a gentle giant who likes to be near his people. He has a white coat with some black spots and a tail that was docked a bit too long, or too short depending on your perspective.

He lays his head in his foster mom’s lap for some pets and has that cute Boxer head-tilt when he looks at her. He is so tall he can easily get on counters, and giving his foster parents a hug is no problem, although it may be for a kid. He does not currently live with cats or kids so we don’t know how he relates to them. He is heartworm positive and taking monthly heartworm prevention. ABR will discuss the options for treatment and help with it.

Dr. Fauci is house and leash trained but he is not OK in a crate. He is not destructive in the house but he really cannot be crated. The Dr. has learned the therapeutic value of stuffed toys and prescribes them regularly. This big guy is funny and loving, his people are the center of his world. He’s good with other dogs so a playmate closer to his size and energy level is probably a good idea; and clear counters while he learns the house rules.