To ABR he is Doodle; to his family he was Argus. He is an 8 year old male with a mellow fawn coat and black face. He is heartworm negative, fully vetted and healthy. He just can’t understand why blazing past the toddlers to get where they are going is not the thing to do. The toddlers, unfortunately, get knocked down in the process.

Argus is sweet, well behaved and has very good manners except for that running in the house thing. He does not get on furniture, he sleeps on his dog bed, he is housetrained and trustworthy out of his crate, and he swiped food from his tiny skin kids very gently.

Argus (ABR Doodle) has always lived with a family as he was a puppy at his adoption. He is now back in an ABR foster home full of Boxers where he is responding to structure and training very well. Even at 8 years old this guy has the energy and activity level of a 4 year old. He is terrific with humans and will be super with continued training. He’s fine with kids who are a bit older and not prone to being bowling pins. This guy could be an instant fit for a family with kids and things to do.