Dodge is a big, active, happy guy with energy to spare. He’s about 3 years old in a 70 pound fawn coat pulled tight over his athletic body.  Floppy ears, a full tail and a big smile complete the picture of this guy; but not the video as you can see. This guy loves to play. He’s heartworm negative and healthy, ready for jogging and trail runs and maybe a swim.

He is a sweet goofball with a lot of personality who thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves toys and attention and action. He knows basic commands and is house, crate and leash trained. He’s too big and exuberant for kids, but we don’t know about cats. He is big and may not have all the proper Boxer etiquette down yet, as he is still a bit of a puppy himself, but with proper introductions he does well with other dogs; especially those who can match his enthusiasm.

This guy can keep you smiling and go as long as you can, and then plop down next to you for a cool down and maybe some popcorn. He is about as adorable as the come with his snaggletooth, tongue that sneaks past his lips, and a zest for life that will take him wherever the action is. Dodge can be a lifelong companion for the right active person or couple.