Contessa is a virtual foster recipient from Emily Schuller. Thank you Emily! 

This is Contessa, and yes she is royalty being the only female Boxer in her foster home with 2 rambunctious male Boxers and a languid German Shepherd as her hosts. It didn’t take her very long to fit right in and join the games of chase and wrestling. And of course she found the lap of the resident young girl who obviously needs her help to read a book. Life for this 3 year old certainly took a turn for the better from a shelter to holding court.

Contessa is a beautiful medium sized female with a white coat generously sprinkled with brown spots, with one prominently over her left eye and a solid brown nub. She was scared, as most rescues are, at first but is feeling confident enough to be a bit assertive now. Fortunately she takes direction very well and is easily corrected. She’ll head for her crate for a time out and a nap when she’s tired of play. Her energy level is a little low right now, but that’s not unusual for a rescue recovering and decompressing from her harrowing journey to safety. She is being treated for some skin issues and is taking preventive medication as all of our rescues from her part of the Rio Grande valley do.

Contessa is house, crate and leash trained so she was probably part of a family at some time. She is still learning to keep four-on-the-floor when greeting people so little kids might be overwhelmed until she gets it. She’s just as sweet and loving as can be, and will become more inquisitive as her energy level increases. ABR recommends slow, structured introductions between dogs and that has allowed Contessa to gain her footing with her new pack and foster family so her journey from forgotten to family can be successful, and she can hold court with her forever family soon.