We know that Coco is about 4 years old with floppy ears and a docked tail and a fawn coat. We know her family tried to care for her through difficult times and asked ABR to help find her a home where she would get proper care and love. We are told she has good people manners and is OK with other dogs. She has lived outside, but is fortunately in a foster home now, so we will learn how she does living inside with a family.

Her owner described Coco as friendly, active, smart, calm, protective, noisy, playful, affectionate, and obedient. Coco appears to be friendly and healthy but ABR has not yet had her seen by a vet as of February 14. She apparently knows “sit” and loves to run through a sprinkler in the summer.

This pretty little lady needs a home with a family that will include her, help her learn the things she needs to know, play and run and wrestle with her. We appreciate her family getting her out of the cold and hoping she finds a good forever home. Now, it’s time for that forever family to fall in love with her and take her into their hearts.