Cheddar came to ABR as a stray from Palm Valley. Unlike most of our rescues from there, he is in pretty good shape, very obedient, pretty well trained, and generally a great guy. He’s 1 to 2 years old and just 50 pounds at his neuter on 12/4, though he should fill out to around 55. He has a velcro fawn coat with a black mask, small ears, a fully expressive tail, and a very earnest wrinkly face. He is a bit timid and cautious, but warms up quickly with support and trust. He is very people friendly.

One of his Boxer hosts is also a timid, cautious male of 55 pounds and they became fast friends after 4 days of watching and sniffing. His other Boxer host is a 45 pound, deaf female whirlwind who has no such reservations and made him play with her asap. While he has clearly been part of a family before, new activities like getting in the shower or getting in the car are hard for him, but patience, trust and support help him conquer his fears and set his tail in the proudest pose. He had the vets and staff oohing and aahing over him as he left after his neuter, all very surprised he was still available for adoption.

Cheddar is heartworm positive and taking preventive medication for tick borne illness common to Palm Valley. He is taking heartworm prevention each month and ABR will explain the options and help with treatment; some as simple as monthly treatment. He is house trained and although he does not like being crated and is not destructive out of it, he can be crated. He is generally good on leash but all the new sights, sounds and smells do complicate the process.

Cheddar is one unusual Boxer boy. Calm, obedient, very attentive. He learned to sit and stay rather than dart through the open door in 3 days. He eats comfortably near his mates and sits patiently for his turn for treats and medications. He counter surfed once, was told no, and has not surfed again. He chased his foster sister through the dog door on his second try but she’s pretty pushy. He is very reluctant to put his whole body on the couch, but likes to put his head, chest and paws in your lap and tuck his nose under your arm. He likes Benebones and toys, and most of all praise, pets and hugs.