Carmen Miranda XXI

NAB Recipient was named by Susan & Ron Humphreys, who honor one gone by adopting another.

Carmen Miranda 21, or XXI, is an unusual girl with an unusual coat. She’s about 2 years old with a sealed brindle coat and white flash on her neck and legs. She is likely from a backyard breeder in South Texas as it took her a while to get comfortable being in a house with people and another Boxer. She is comfortable living inside and playing with her host Boxer now although she may be a bit anxious with changes.

Carmen is very good on leash and loves going for walks although barking dogs unsettle her a bit. She is heartworm negative and about average size for a female. She likes to know where her humans are but her security and independence have slowly increased so she can run and play outside without a human nearby. She wiggles like crazy when she meets new people.

She is house, crate and leash trained but she is not food driven so learning basic commands takes a lot of praise and patience. She is a very gentle girl who has come from a hard life to being part of a family.