Thank you Sharon Fisher for virtually fostering.

Are you looking for a Silverheart who has a fair bit of gold in his heart? Some pep in his step? Some kisses and thank you’s for just being kind and loving? Bunker came into rescue looking for you. This 10 year old flashy brindle gentleman may be a little overweight, blah, blah. At 83 pounds his 2 or 3 daily walks will help him (and you) with that. He loves his walks where he can sniff everything and  greet every creature, human or not, with a big hell-o and isn’t it a wonderful day.!

Yes, Bunker is pretty special. Ok, he’s got a bump or 2; he’s 10. His 11 year old Boxer host thinks he’s pretty cool, not like they play a lot, but lounging is an artform. Bunker is heartworm negative and in pretty good health. Of course he is house, crate and leash trained (and he loves his walks.)

We know he’s Ok with other dogs, probably ones who are not in his face all day. He’s not Ok with cats and we don’t know about kids. He’s one of those guys who seems to be so happy to have a family, so appreciative to get a treat and a pet, and a safe, warm, soft bed to sleep in near his people. You know, just in case they need him overnight.