This little girl named Brownie has a velvety rust colored coat that is jam packed with personality and affection. She might be 40 pounds but you’ll know she is in the room, watching the lightning through the front window or touching your face with her paw. She uses that paw to touch things, test things very gently as an injury to that elbow didn’t heal quite right. You might think, Oh that poor thing, but you’d have to catch this high energy girl to pity her. She seems much younger than 4 years old.  She is curious about everything and much prefers exploring to naps.

She plays hard with her male fur friends and is a constant part of her family’s activities from car rides to house cleaning to yard work; there she is. She is a “girlie girl” and does not go jogging or on long walks, but several short walks a day fit her just right. She is house, crate and leash trained but needs a dog door or attentive person to let her out to do her business, (she has a tiny bladder). Brownie has very good people manners and she loves to have her people talk with her. She does not live with cats or kids so we don’t know about them.

Brownie sleeps through the night, hopefully with her humans or at least nearby. She is sweet and affectionate and yet independent. She is heartworm positive but ABR always explains the options and helps with treatment. She needs to stay on the thin side to help her leg, and she would really like to have a male buddy who loves to play. She’s one that can keep you smiling and laughing and joining her examination of a leaf, or a bug.