~Brandy was named by Rachel Guiry in honor of Brandy and Michelle Smith.~


Brandy was delivered to Austin Boxer Rescue from Midland by some of our steady volunteer transporters on Friday, August 30. ABR could not save our Boxers without volunteers from all over Texas who pack dogs from shelters into their own cars at their own expense and bring them from far and wide to Austin. Brandy and ABR thank you.

Brandy is 7 to 8 months old with a soft white coat, big floppy ears, a full tail, and soulful eyes. She is submissive but not timid. She fit in with her foster home’s two 3 year old Boxers like ham n eggs. The male is hearing and the female is deaf so Brandy has it covered.

She has a gentle, even keeled disposition with an energy level that meets the moment; she can run like the wind, wrestle and box with her deaf host, or snuggle up with her big boy buddy. She has learned to check in with her foster parents for hand signs and has already learned sit, wait, stop, off, no, yes, good girl and come. It takes her just 2 corrections to know what’s off limits, and only one plunge into the pool to give it a wide berth. She does ok in her crate if she can see her mates and foster parents but has not been destructive out of it. She walks well as part of the pack, and is house trained with a dog door (which she went through after watching her sister do it one time.) It took her 4 meals to learn to sit and wait until her food bowl is put down near the others, and to not bother the others during meal time.

Brandy’s visit with the vet for September 5 had to be cancelled as she had kennel cough, poor thing, so it was reset for mid September. She was  brought up to date on her vaccinations and her stitches will come out on 9/24. She is getting monthly heartworm prevention and flea, tick, and mosquito prevention. It is best for a deaf dog to have a hearing buddy, although a few of ABR’s deaf alumni are currently certified service and therapy dogs. Brandy is sweet and loving, submissive yet independent, smart and obedient too. She does not live with cats or kids at the moment, and ABR does not place deaf or blind Boxers with children under 10. Brandy is a pretty unusual Boxer youngster who will be looking for her forever family by late September.