Bogart was new to ABR in mid September and just settling into his new environment. You see, Bogart came to us with some sight in his right eye and none in his left eye. His right eye was swollen and had to be removed, so this 2 year old guy is now learning his way around completely blind. He’s doing remarkably well considering the obstacles; he finds his way around the house and uses the dog door to go outside. He loves attention and obviously likes to be near his humans. He is not comfortable with other dogs yet but that may change as he gains confidence and finds a gentle friend.

Bogart has a fawn, almost honey, coat with a handsome black mask. He’s a quiet lap dog who gives lots of kisses and hopes for lots of pets. He is heartworm positive but treatment may not be difficult with ABR’s help. He’s a special guy waiting for a special family to guide him.

October 21 and Bogart is fitting in nicely. He loves to play “I’m gonna getcha” with a blanket, and howls in delight when his humans squeak a toy. He follows their voices and footsteps around the house and yard. He loves to be petted and talked too. What a sweet boy!