Big Boy

Big Boy has been a bit of a mystery despite his 79 pounds, long legs and white coat. He was initially rescued from a shelter by a family where he was loved but lived in an outside kennel. He was just too big and too energetic for his elderly rescuer and so he came to ABR. He’s about 4 years old and healthy although he is heartworm positive and has begun the slow kill method.

Big Boy was emaciated and had callouses from his life as a stray, but his rescuers and foster homes have got him up to a good weight for him. He has lived in a foster home with kids and done well with them but he has not been able to successfully join a pack of other dogs so far. He will either need to be an only dog, or have a  strong, experienced, patient owner who is able to help him become a pack member. Big Boy is terrific with people and loves to dance and snuggle and share time with his people. He is probably best with larger kids because he is larger than most, and he gets excited as Boxers will.

We have learned a lot about this Big Boy over the past several months, and he has learned a lot too. He loves his walks but he is so big and strong and so readily distracted by squirrels and such that a Gentle Leader is a must; a head halter may help with the right handler. He is house trained and crate trained and currently rotates crate time with the other dogs in his foster home. He knows quite a few commands and is very obedient and attentive. He loves fetch and car rides and doing stuff with his people.

Big Boy is a pretty special guy. Not just because he takes up your whole couch or the entire back seat of your car, or that his white coat and long legs stand out like a mural; but because he is a big softy with humans. Not every dog likes dogs, maybe with good reason. But this big guy will adore you, keep you smiling, keep you alert, and be your best friend for a long time.